Private Investigator Fees

How much does hiring a private investigator cost

Private Investigator Fees can vary considerably depending on the task

In order to obtain an accurate and transparent quote for hiring a private investigator to assist you with your investigation, it is important that we have all the details about your situation and what you are looking to achieve as a result of hiring a private investigator. Once we have the information from you, our private investigator fees that will be quoted to you, will be on a fixed fee basis with NO hidden charges.

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For a estimate of our private investigator fees, you may also refer to the private investigator costs detailed below as reference.


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Surveillance Fees

Our Surveillance fees are competative and transparrent. There is no mileage fee from the office to the location, no accommodation fees and no fees for travel time. Our fees only commence once we arrive at the location.

− Surveillance Fees: £40.00 per hour per agent. (minimum call out of 4 hours apply)

– Half Day Surveillance Booking: £225.00 (6 hours booking). The fee includes a professional surveillance report detailing all intelligence obtained with time and date stamp

– Full Day Surveillance Booking: £420.00 (12 hours booking). The fee includes a professional surveillance report detailing all intelligence obtained with time and date stamp

The fees stated above for surveillance tasks are all fully inclusive. Once the task is completed you will be furnished with a professional surveillance report detailing all the evidence obtained in cronological order and accompanied with professional, time and date stamped photographic and video evidence.


Included in the Surveillance Service:

  • Free Consultation – In order for a Professional Private Investigator to assist you, it is imperrative that you are given the time to explain your situation in great detail. Here at P.I.U.K we give great emphasis to this crucial time of the investigation. Our service is friendly but professional.
  • Reconnaissance & Client Agreement –After the consultation we will provide you with an accurate quote in a client agreement detailing our obligations, fees and surveillance task objectives.
  • Surveillance Confirmation –Upon arrival at the location, you will be notified that the agents have arrived on location and the task has begun.
  • Highly Trained & Experienced Private Investigators –Your task will be conducted by highly trained, experienced and dedicated professional private investigators.
  • No Travel Fees – The price quoted is what you pay. There are no travel fees to the task and certainly no accommodation fees either. The pricing structure is transparent.
  • Time & Date Stamped Footage – We use highly advanced and professional equipment with low light capabilities (Night Vision) and all imagery be it still photographs or video, they are all time and date stamped so that the evidence cannot be refuted.
  • Professional Surveillance Report –All the evidence obtained throughout the surveillance task will be presented to you in a professional surveillance report. You have the choice of having the report emailed or sent to you within 24hrs by post.
  • Legal –All investigative enquiries and surveillance are carried out within the boundaries of the law. So, if the evidence is to be used in any legal proceeding, our reports are fully admissible in court.

Vehicle Tracking

Live vehicle tracking

  • 7 Days £475.00 – Includes deployment and retrieval of the tracker
  • 14 Days £650.00 – Includes deployment and retrieval of the tracker
  • 28 Days £875.00 – Includes deployment and retrieval of the tracker

Tracing Enquiries

No Trace – No Fee


Our No Trace – No Fee service is available as long as you have the details below:

Tracing enquiries with minimal information

If all the above information is not available for the person to be traced, we will still carry out the trace for you on a fixed fee basis.


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