Internet dating, savvy partners and prenup investigations

Internet dating investigations… The news headline and gossip columns are full of references to prenup agreements created to protect the wealth of the rich and famous. But if you are preparing for marriage – with all the changes this brings to your lifestyle – are there things you can do to build “insurance”, just in case you are not destined for a fairy-tale ending?

Private investigators can help uncover the past

One thing that is common in the UK is to commission a prenuptial investigation from a private investigator. This is particularly relevant with so many well-publicised cases of fraudulent chancers and bigamous marriages. However, the most common reason for someone commissioning a prenup private investigation is if the relationship began life via internet dating.

Internet dating and fabrication

According to one report, one in five relationships now starts online, which is perhaps to be expected in the busy, pressurised age we live in, where digital communication runs through our every day.

However, the same report found that 81% of people who use online dating have told lies about some aspect of their appearance or background. That’s a pretty clear indication of how easy it is to be misled by online profiles. After all, this an industry that is generating its own lingo! “Catfish” is now a widely recognised term for adopting a fictional online profile to lure someone into a relationship.

Care and control when getting married

Commissioning a private investigation agency to conduct a prenup investigation is not necessarily about deliberately trying to catch out your future partner, or uncovering some form of wrongdoing. Some individuals simply want as much information as possible before taking such a major, life changing step.

In effect, they want information to help reassure them about their future spouse, so they go into the marriage armed with intel that can help keep the relationship on track and happy. Prewarned is pre-armed, if you find your future partner has things in their past they have struggled to tell you about.

Private detectives help give a clear view of finances

Commissioning a prenup investigation could also be a way of ensuring that you have a clear financial picture of your future partner, so you can take steps to be sure that if it does go wrong, your own financial security is not at risk. Marrying someone with a history of debts can leave your own position and credit rating in jeopardy.

Private investigations in London

So whether your prenup private investigation is based on a desire to be certain, or a need to be fully informed, it is common sense to get expert help to uncover the truth. If you live in London, hiring a private investigator could be the answer. Contact us today if you’re concerned about someone you met online and want to secure your future.

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