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Discover the truth


Discover the truth


I found John to be a thorough professional and was very impressed by his approach, empathy and professionalism. He clearly understands the legal and ethical boundaries with in which to operate, has extremely competitive rates and not only understands the requirements of the client but also delivers excellent outcomes.
He is clearly an expert in surveillance and investigations and I will recommend him to anyone who needs an excellent private investigator.

Dr Mahmood

I should like to express my thanks for the quality of service, provided at short notice, by your team over the last few days. John picked up and ran with a piece of surveillance I asked him to carry out about the middle of the week. Even when things went pear shaped he persevered and has, as result managed to produce a favourable outcome against quite steep odds, whilst staying focused and professional the whole time. I have been impressed so please express my thanks to him.


I would like to thank you and all your team for assisting me here in London and Germany. Your professional and friendly approach gave me the confidence I needed to pursue this path. I`m glad I did and thanks to you and your team of investigators, I now have the answers I needed to move on with my life. Please convey my thanks to everyone at your office for the care and consideration forwarded to me. I will most certainly recommend you without any hesitation.



Welcome to Private Investigators UK. Our Private Investigator services are all tailored to meet the demands of your personal requirements and we pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted and reliable Private Investigation Agencies in the UK.Our services are professional, discreet and ethical leaving no stones unturned. Gathering irrefutable evidence is our area of expertise. Our Private Investigators and detectives rely on years of unrivalled experienced in intelligence gathering for clients all over the world. As no two cases are ever the same, we would always recommend that you take advantage of our free consultation and speak with our highly experienced and qualified private investigators as we can advise you of the best way forward to obtain the intelligence you need or achieve your objective.Every case we undertake is treated with the utmost of sensitivity and confidentiality. We appreciate that you are sharing your most private and sensitive matters with us and therefore we guarantee every client 100% confidentiality.


Success Stories

Happy customers


Surveillance investigator

Surveillance Services

We provide skilled and experienced surveillance services that are both digital and actual in nature.

Partner investigations

Partner Investigations

Dо уоu ѕuѕресt thаt your partner iѕ сhеаting оn уоu? If уоur аnѕwеr iѕ yes, уоu may wаnt tо find оut thе truth.

People search investigation uk

People Search

We utilise the latest in digital information, surveillance and SIM card tracking techniques

Vehicle tracking investigation

Vehicle Tracking

We utilise the highly accurate GPS satellite system in providing you with data

Matrimonial dispute investigation uk

Matrimonial Dispute

Our experienced London team of detectives know that matrimonial disputes are always sensitive

Pre-nuptial investigation uk

Pre-nuptial Investigations

You must know everything there is to know about your soon to be husband or wife


Free consultation over the phone

You will have a free consultation over the phone with our experienced and qualified private investigator. At this stage you will have the opportunity to explain everything about your situation in detail and discuss what you are looking to achieve from the investigation. We will then provide you with our professional recommendations which will be based on years of investigative experience. This will be over the phone and also emailed over to you for your reference. The fee for our service will be completely transparent with no hidden charges.

Contractual Agreement

If you are happy to proceed, we will then email our client agreement to you which will clearly outline our obligations to you, the details of the task and the fixed fee. We do require payment on account for all investigations and the fee will be outlined on the above stated agreement with your unique case reference number and our bank details. Once funds are received on account and the agreement is returned, your case will begin.

Conclusion of the investigation

Once the investigation is complete, you will be provided with a professional report detailing our finding and intelligence obtained. For surveillance tasks, we will provide you with a professional surveillance report detailing the activities of the subject and accompanied by time and date stamped professional photographs which cannot be refuted. All the intelligence obtained is done so within the boundaries of the law and therefore our surveillance reports are admissible in court should the need arise.

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